Commercial Fencing

Cantilever Gates: The Right Gate for Your Commercial Facility

Cantilever gates are a major investment and, literally, the gateway to most commercial buildings. If the right gate for your business isn’t chosen or is not properly installed, it can become a daily headache and be costly to repair.

Installing cantilever gates removes the maintenance problems experienced with most traditional sliding gates. Fences Unlimited has years of experience in helping customers choose the right gate for their property and provides the proper installation to insure the smooth operation of your gate with minimal maintenance. Browse through a few of our recent projects below to see solutions Fences Unlimited created for local businesses.

Why Use Cantilever Gates

A cantilever gate is a sliding gate that doesn’t require a track across the roadway entrance. These gates are a popular choice for businesses desiring a high-security entrance gate. A cantilever gate is also a good choice where space limitations prohibit use of a standard swing gate. These gates can span large widths, be installed on uneven ground, over block paving and grass, and the no-track installation makes it easier for busy entrances.

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