Commercial Fencing

Commercial Vinyl Fences: An Economical & Appealing Fencing Option

Vinyl fences are a top choice for many contractors and is widely used in commercial construction. It is the preferred material for daycare facilities and playgrounds in addition to apartments and town home communities. Fences Unlimited has been the company of choice for the area’s top contractors in the construction of prominent daycare facilities and play areas in the Triangle and Crystal Coast areas of North Carolina. We stay up to date with all code requirements for daycare licensing. You can be confident that our fences and gates insure the children will be kept safe and secure in their play areas.

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

Using vinyl/PVC as the material for your fencing needs is a smart choice. Vinyl fencing offers many advantages, including an excellent return on investment. Beyond being economical, vinyl is durable and environmentally-friendly and lasts for many years. It requires little or no maintenance –there’s no need to paint, stain or seal it – ever. There’s no worry about termites or rotting. Vinyl is perfect for areas with harsh weather conditions – it is the preferred fencing material for beach locations which see a significant amount of salt water exposure.

Vinyl also allows custom fabrication – Fences Unlimited can help you design an attractive fence that will provide the security you need and add significantly to the value of your business.

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